Less than a week before ICE London 2018, BtoBet Chairman Alessandro Fried spoke to TotallyGaming.com about choosing a provider to trust for the long term, and why BtoBet is considered a technology partner, not just a platform provider for sportsbook and casino operators.

Totally Gaming: When an operator is making a choice over a platform provider to trust for the long term, what should operators take into consideration?

Alessandro Fried: Operators seeking platform providers should focus on three principal factors: collaboration, trust and the capability to aggregate all the available content while offering players a seamless customer journey. Only providers with an open, independent and foresighted approach can manage this type of offering.

So, licensees must be sure that their software provider will be able to deliver a long-lasting software product, supported by a structured technology software company and capable of ensuring a long life for the product, allowing them personalisation and covering the provision of a complete iGaming platform as well as the software service.

TG: What should operators pay attention to when opting for an outsourced platform?

AF: While choosing a software provider, operators must be careful. If the software has not been developed in-house but outsourced, the licensee must select a good technological partner, not just a simple software provider.

You might ask “how to recognise a good technological partner”, and I firmly believe that it is the one able to provide constant support to clients, through skilled and knowledge referrals, holding extensive knowledge of the industry, and helping operators to achieve objectives in a safe environment that cannot cause damage to their business.

TG: With the players becoming more tech-savvy and demanding, what should a trusted technology partner offer to licensees to attract and keep the attention of players?

AF: In the coming years, player data insight is sure to proliferate, with more digital services, platforms and devices than ever before capable of generating data insights, including social media and messaging apps, location-based services, and online and mobile payments services.

These multiple sources of data, combined with the ever-improving capacity to reconcile data coming from different devices, will enable an increasingly rich view of the players. It means we will move from today’s still largely two-dimensional view to one that is fully contextually relevant.

Players will expect engaging and ultimate gaming and sports betting offerings and in response, operators will need to move towards effective strategies and technology to improve their service, boost player confidence and increase player lifetime values.

In this perspective, a crucial aspect for licensees to ponder is the key role played by technology in the igaming industry and for this reason they must understand its evolution, keep their product in line with the technology trends and, ultimately, consumer expectations.

The possibility for an operator to differentiate his brand and bring competitive advantage to it, offering players unique experience will make his brand stand out. To do so, the technological partner must provide a clever, flexible and scalable platform, allowing infinite personalization and the opportunity to deeply analyse players, having the possibility to profile them and formulate always the perfect offers on their preferred device.

BtoBet will be exhibiting at ICE London 2018 (6-8 February), stand S1-320.