CashBet has announced a landmark partnership with Premier League football club Arsenal FC ahead of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of its new cryptocurrency, CashBet Coin designed specifically for iGaming.

The first-of-its-kind deal, which makes CashBet Coin the club’s exclusive and official Blockchain Partner, sees Arsenal become the first major team in world football to officially partner with a cryptocurrency.

The agreement will give the CashBet Coin brand prominent placement via in-stadium advertising channels for Arsenal home Premier League games at Emirates Stadium.

Dr. Mike Reaves, CEO and Founder of CashBet spoke to about how prosperous this deal can be, as well as what the future holds with regards to future expansions for CashBet.

Firstly, congratulations on signing this partnership with Arsenal could you explain a little more about the importance of this innovative deal?

Yes, we’re thrilled to be able to partner with Arsenal, a world recognized and celebrated football club. It’s a big deal in that we’re setting a first precedent for a major football club partnering with a cryptocurrency. Arsenal is a forward thinking, innovative sports club, and this deal serves as a signal of their thought leadership in embracing cryptocurrency and blockchain as technologies that are here to stay.

How can CashBet Coin ensure that it maximises this sponsorship, are there any sponsorship activations we should look out for?

We’ve struck a multi-faceted brand awareness deal with Arsenal which includes in-stadium LED pitchside advertising during Arsenal home games, social media posts, custom-tailored content featuring Arsenal players and more. We feel this partnership is going to help greatly to differentiate us from other initial coin offerings and cut through a lot of the noise for interested token investors.

Could this sponsorship deal be start of the process for integrating Crypto into football culture?

For us, there’s a clear, natural fit and valuable applications when you combine sports, iGaming and cryptocurrencies. We’re excited to be able to explore those applications with Arsenal. We also expect that Arsenal’s endorsement of our cryptocurrency will bring a whole new audience of football fans to our crypto-ready iGaming sites and apps.

Could you outline some of your ambitions for this year as CashBet Coin looks to target the iGaming industry?
We’re putting together a comprehensive VIP program which includes some things we’ve never tried before, such as loss insurance. This is not only for our sites and apps but our B2B partner sites as well. Our goal is that all CashBet-powered iGaming sites will have the ability to utilize CashBet Coin for deposit, wager, and purchasing activity.

CryptoRGS will launch this year as the first crypto-friendly game distribution platform. We’re working with several game development studios to create a library of exclusive content for the crypto market.

Over time the tech initiatives we’re putting in place will drive innovation in our platform. We expect to file several patents around CryptoGo, our pay-as-you-go platform that pays out known players in a matter of seconds rather than days.

Can you reveal any other plans for the expansion of CashBet Coin as it looks to establish itself in the market this year?

We’re currently working with several iGaming operators who are interested in adopting CashBet Coin for deposit, wager and purchase activities taking place on their apps and sites. We can’t name any names at the moment but those deals are being inked right now and will be announced shortly.