One lucky lady turned £2 into £20,000 last night at bingo.

Cathy Hussey, 67, scooped £19,378.88 at Beacon bingo in Margate, having spent just £2 to play the table top bingo game.

But the big win hasn’t quite sunk in yet and Cathy, from Kingsgate, Broadstairs, says she has no idea what she’ll be splashing the cash on.

She said: “It’s quite a strange feeling – it hasn’t quite sunk in yet to be honest.

“People keep asking me what I am going to do with the money but I haven’t even thought about it yet.

“I got a load of numbers to begin with, then I was waiting on two for about 10 numbers, then they both came out together.

“I only paid £2 to play the table top bingo so I didn’t even realise how much money we were playing for until the man came over and told me.

“I was shocked to find out I’d won nearly £20,000.

“I go to bingo often, normally two or three times a week – I love it there.

“I really enjoy it, I enjoy the company and the staff are really friendly, it’s like a social club.

“It was a great evening last night, another person won a car and another lady won £5,000.

“There’s a real mixture of ages too, people from young ages of 18 or 19 all the way up to nearly 100.”

Beacon bingo posted on Facebook to congratulate the winners.

A post said: “Over £35,000 worth of prizes were won today at Beacon Margate!

“Have a lovely Xmas”


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