The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has requested that the Norwegian Data Protection Inspectorate (DPI) urgently investigate a payment blocking scheme within the nation.

It details a belief that the privacy of Norwegian citizens, when conducting online payments, are being breached, in addition to the scheme, established by Norwegian Gaming Authority (NGA), being in contravention of Norwegian Data Protection laws and the European Convention on Human Rights.

A statement provided by the EGBA to, stated: “The significance of the breach has two aspects.

“The first aspect is whether the payment blocking regulation as such is in accordance with key data privacy principles, the Norwegian Constitution and international conventions to which Norway is a party.

“The second aspect is the processing of personal data by the Norwegian Gaming Authorities and the whole “investigation regime” prior to the decisions by the Norwegian Gaming Authority imposing a blocking obligation on the Norwegian financial institutions.

“The latter issue is in our view significant, since there is an exchange of personal information between Norwegian public authorities (Foreign Exchange Register and Gaming Authorities) without legal basis as well as processing of personal data by the Gaming Authorities without lawful grounds.”

The statement went on to detail: “Having a sufficient legal basis for processing of personal data is a basic principle in the data protection legislation. When public authorities who process large amounts of personal data are unable to follow this, it weakens the trust in the public authorities.

“We are waiting for the DPA’s handling of the case. Hopefully the DPA will investigate the case and conclude with an order to change or cease the unlawful data processing. The DPA do also have legal basis to impose administrative fines.”

Totally Gaming says: Every citizen, not just those in Norway, have a right to online data protection and privacy, so this urgent request by the EGBA could well turn out to have some major implications. It will be interesting what an investigation into the matter turns up, and what potential penalties will be issued as a result