First Mega Moolah Winner Of 2018


We may well be a month in to 2018 but for one lucky player at Zodiac Casino, the year has started with quite a bang thanks to the Mega Moolah progressive slot.

In 2017 the Mega Moolah game paid out jackpots worth over a million 12 times, six more than the previous year. 2018 has got underway well with a progressive win worth CA$3,688,553.26 (about £2,148,102,61).

Mega Moolah Winner Overjoyed!

As you can imagine, becoming an overnight millionaire has quite the effect on winners and the latest is reported as being ‘stunned’ by their win.

Like many before them, it has taken quite a while for the win to sink in and for them to actually believe that they are now millionaires.

Although opting to remain anonymous, the Zodiac Casino winner is reported to be currently pondering over what exactly to spend the money on. There has been talk of a new car and gifts for the family, as well as a well-deserved holiday.

As much as the winner was overjoyed to be an overnight millionaire, Zodiac Casino and their team are equally as happy with the publicity the win will attract for their online casino.

An executive for the casino was keen to tell how this winner was just one of many that have landed a Mega Moolah jackpot at Zodiac Casino.

He is quoted as having said

We’re delighted to have yet another massive jackpot win for a loyal customer and we are excited that the win will mean they can live out their dreams

Microgaming were quick to pick up the congratulatory baton with David Reynolds, their games publisher saying

We hope that 2018 will continue to set new standards for our record-breaking Mega Moolah slot and send many congratulations to the winner.


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