Greentube offers amazing Bingo variants, providing some of the most popular games in Western Europe and in English speaking countries.

The two most popular variants of the game are 75-Ball and 90-Ball Bingo. Up to 50 players can join in at one table. The aim of the game is to mark off a specific pattern with the numbers called, or have your predicted numbers marked off before any other player. The first player to mark off the corresponding pattern wins and brings the round to an end.

Maximum gaming fun is guaranteed by the multiplayer function. Bingo is traditionally played by female gamers in Spain, the UK and across Scandinavia.

With so-called Latin Bingo, you can experience the entertaining numbers classic in the South American slot machine variant. Greentube offers Latin Bingo games like Bruno Bingo, Boto Bingo, Beach Party, Wizard Bingo and many more.



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