KAJANG: An online gambling and international football betting syndicate with clients in China saw its luck run out after they were busted in a raid on Wednesday night at Balakong, near here.

The raid was carried out at the syndicate’s operations centre at Dataran C180, nera here by the Selangor D7 (Gambling / Vice / Secret Societies) and Kajang Criminal Investigation Department in a joint operation, after a week of gathering intelligence.

Initial investigations revealed that the syndicate operated based on the Macau Scam model to cover their operations from being detected by Police in the People’s Republic of China.

Selangor D7 Staff Officer, Deputy Superintendent Norhizam Bahaman, during the raid they detained six Chinese nationals, three men and three women who worked as caretakers and bet takers at the centre.

“They took bets from gamblers in China before placing a wager on their behalf on every English Premier League game,” he said adding that the bets raked in and those wagered ran into the hundreds of thousands of ringgit.

“In fact the syndicate was also involved in managing bets for horse races as well as online gambling activities,” he said at the scene of the raid.

He adds the bets received from punters in China would be deposited into a bank account belonging to the syndicate in the People’s Republic, while the members of the syndicate’s local operations would place the wager on behalf of the punters.

“By making Malaysia the wagering centre, it would have been tough for the police in China to track down the activities of the syndicate,” he said.

In the operation, the Selangor D7 also seized 13 laptop units, eight mobile phone units and four modems.

The case is being investigated under Section 6 (3) of the Betting Act 1953 and Section 6 (1) (c) of the Immigration Act.


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