Lottoland recently introduced its unique prize insurance model of scratch cards, casino and instant win games, outlining its ambition to revolutionise the industry by offering the largest prizes.

The Random & insured Number Generator (RiNG™) allows customers to win huge jackpots instantly – with the prizes being insured through Lottoland’s trusted and proven insurance infrastructure.

Catching up at this week’s ICE VOX event in London, the group’s director of solutions Michael Bogie explained to Totally Gaming just how much the new technology will benefit customers, as well as outlining future plans for growth for Lottoland.

TotallyGaming: Can you reveal to us further how customers will benefit from the integration of Lottoland’s new RiNG technology?  

Michael Bogie: Lottoland is uniquely experienced managing prize pay-out risk into the tens of millions of euros. We love creating excitement by letting players place small stakes bets for the chance to dream about a jackpot win when a scheduled draw takes place.

There is also a huge appetite for instant win prizes, which let players find out the results right here right now.

So, we have combined our massive jackpot capabilities with our instant gaming experience to create RiNG, our Random & Insured Number Generator. As its name suggests, where RiNG is used to determine the jackpot prize then Lottoland can stand behind prizes up to €50 million and beyond.

Games developers can now incorporate RiNG to add massive jackpot capabilities to almost any game type – instant lottery, slots, scratch, table games or new variants still in development. Operators can offer their players instant jackpot games, to benefit from offering prizes much bigger than most progressive jackpot networked slots.

TG: How long do you anticipate the integration process taking for the new technology?

MB: A few weeks. It is tried and tested. Developers or operators requiring access to the test environment just need to contact us.

TG: Can you tell us a little more about the some new games we can expect to see on the Lottoland platform?

MB: RiNG is live powering a range of games offering prizes up to €10m and will shortly stand behind a new €20m instant game. Lottoland’s B2C business will keep developing new formats, and RiNG is now available to other developers and licensed gaming operators.

TG: With the rise of instant gratification betting, how important is Lottoland’s growing portfolio of instant win games?

MB: Instant win games are an important part of any operator’s portfolio. Sportsbooks, bingo and of course casino operators offer a range of games to their different customers, and the chance to bet small to win VERY big is always an attractive proposition.

TG: How can instant win games help Lottery reach out to a younger audience?

MB: As RiNG can power any format of instant win game, developers and operators can apply their creativity to offer the right type of instant win games to their audience whether they are appealing to a new player segment or consolidating their position with their existing customers. Being able to find out a multi-million Euro win result ‘here and now’ is a powerful tool – we are happy to support developers and operators to leverage it.


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