It’s time to flex, bingo style! An update on the classic bingo format, Flex Game has plenty to keep you entertained!

You can play with up to four bingo cards, which means up to four times the chances of creating winning patterns in a round.

Each card you play will contain randomly generated numbers between 0 and 90, and you can also request new cards before playing if you wish.

Once you’ve got your cards and wagered your bet, it’s all GO! Thirty balls will be randomly selected and, any numbers on the balls that match the numbers on your cards will be marked off and show you your winning patterns.

You also have the chance to buy yourself some extra balls to create more wins. If, after the 30 balls are released you are only one ball away from winning at least 8x your bet per card then you can get the extra balls.

You can get up to 13 extra balls, and a free extra ball will randomly be awarded to you between the fourth and ninth extra balls. You will unlock the 13th and final extra ball if you’re only one ball away from winning at least 200x your bet per card!

If you achieve perimeter patterns on your cards, you’ll unlock the Tap Bonus feature which will let you choose from six options to help your game.

If during the game you have all four cards in play and the minimum bet is satisfied then if you achieve a bingo pattern with 30 balls or less you’ll also trigger the jackpot for a big win!

It’s time to play Flex Game!

Disclaimer. The following games: Flex Game, Hot Bingo, Super Bola and Park Bingo are not certified and we ask that games are offered to customers accordingly and to the extent that such offering does not breach regulatory or licensing requirements, if applicable. We encourage operators to assure themselves that they are able to add the games to the offering without impediment.

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