Ancient pyramids, bloody sacrificial rituals and mountains of gold – these are some of the things often associated with the Mayan culture. Our casino game Mayan RitualTM gives players an opportunity to summon the power of gods of fortune and ask them to make it rain gold!

Mayan RitualTM is a 5-reel online slot with 40 paylines, a wide variety of special features and bonus games, which create a comprehensive and rewarding gameplay experience. The game offers Free Spins, Giant Symbols that appear in the form of 2×2 or 3×3 blocks, Bonus Slot mini game with additional symbols, Giant Wild and Giant Bonus Symbols – it’s hard to be bored with so much happening on the reels! Each of the features provides more than enough interesting gameplay elements, so mastering all of them will be a feat in itself. And the rewards are well worth the effort!

We have also equipped this video slot with our Unique Wazdan Features, allowing players to modify their experience with such options as Volatility Levels™, Ultra Lite Mode, Ultra Fast Mode and Big Screen Mode. As if all of the above wasn’t enough, Mayan RitualTM comes wrapped in a some high quality graphics with vibrant, colourful symbols and lively animations, as well as an intuitive user interface. Spins and wins are all accompanied by dynamic sound effects, which further enhances the unparalleled atmosphere of this game.

The sacrificial alter is waiting – bring forth your offering to the gods of Mayan RitualTM!




Volatility Levels™ (Low, Standard, High)


5 / 40

Game Features:

Scatter, Free Spins, Wild, Bonus Slot, Giant Symbols

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