Odin: Protector of Realms is a grid slot played on a hexagonal grid.

Symbols drop into the grid to create wins. 5 or more adjacently connected symbols in a cluster award a win. Only the highest win in the cluster is paid. Winning symbols are removed. New symbols fall down to fill the gaps. Multiple clusters of the same symbol that are not connected are paid as separate clusters.

All wins are added to the RING METER. There are 3 charge levels:

• Level 1 – requires 30 winning symbols. This level activates the BRONZE FORGED feature.

• Level 2 – requires 70 winning symbols. This level activates the SILVER FORGED feature.

• Level 3 – requires 120 winning symbols. This level activates the GOLD FORGED feature.

When a charge level is complete, the respective feature(s) are added to the queue. When there are no further wins, the next feature(s) in the queue are activated. The game round will continue as normal after all effects are completed. The meter is reset at the end of the game round.

The FORGED RING feature is activated by charging the RING METER. When activated, it creates a pattern filled with the symbol in the center of the grid, creating a new winning cluster. There are 3 FORGED RING features:

• BRONZE FORGED – creates a minimum cluster of 7 symbols.

• SILVER FORGED – creates a minimum cluster of 12 – 19 symbols.

• GOLD FORGED – creates a minimum cluster of 20 – 37 symbols.

ODIN’S ABILITY can be activated randomly on non-winning spins.

• WISDOM – Upgrades the central symbol to ANY high-paying symbol or WILD before the FORGED RING feature happens. If the central symbol is already a high-paying symbol, it will select a higher high-paying symbol or WILD.

• POWER – Destroys 2 random symbol types on the grid. This feature can happen when the player is within 5 symbols of triggering the next charge feature, and if there are no more wins on the grid.

• GLORY – Awards 2 to 8 random WILDS to the grid. This feature can only happen on a non-winning game round.

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