Sisters of the Sun is a 5×5 grid slot game. Symbols cascade down the grid with the aim to create winning clusters which are achieved by getting three or more symbols in a row. Winning symbols are then removed for new symbols to take their place.

The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except Scatter. Wild symbols can only be created; appearing in the middle when a winning combination of three symbols is removed. Wild symbols are removed when no other symbols are remaining to completely clear the grid of symbols. The Scatter symbol can appear during the initial spin, or via the Gift of Ra mechanic where the Scatter is added randomly anywhere once the spin ends.

On each spin, five random grid locations are marked with the Eye of Ra. The win multiplier increases by one when winning over an eye location; resetting before each new spin (except when Free Spins are triggered). Winning combinations multiplied by the currently displayed value. The win multiplier only increases once per eye location won on.

The Goddess Power feature is triggered at random on non-winning spins. Depending on the active goddess shown on-screen, a unique ability is performed to help create a win. The game opens with a random goddess, with the order of goddesses fixed to Sekhmet – Hathor – Bastet. The active goddess changes after each Goddess Power activation


Coverts one set of symbols into another symbol.


Adds one or two Wild symbols to the grid


Removes two sets of symbols from the grid.

The Sisterhood feature is triggered with one Scatter symbol. One free round is awarded. The win multiplier is reset. A Goddess Power is performed on each symbol drop that does not provide a winning combination until all three goddesses have performed their respective abilities. The order of Goddess Powers is always the same. Completely clearing the grid of symbols during this free round triggers Free Spins only; no instant prize awarded.

The active goddess returns to the goddess on-screen prior to the Sisterhood feature being triggered.

Before the Free Spins feature begins, choose one of the three goddesses:


Awards four initial spins.


Awards five initial spins.


Awards eight initial spins.

The win multiplier is carried over from the Sisterhood feature, only resetting once the feature is over. During Free Spins, the number of Eye of Ra locations increases from five to 10 – and – the chosen Goddess Power is triggered on every non-winning spin. The Sisterhood feature cannot be triggered. The Scatter symbol is used to award additional spins during Free Spins. The maximum number of spins is 150.


Awards four additional spins.


Awards three additional spins.


Awards two additional spins.

Completely clearing the grid of symbols (except during the Sisterhood feature) awards an instant prize. The prize awarded is 50x the total bet multiplied by the active win multiplier at the time of clearing the grid.

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