It’s a super game with super prizes; this is Super Bola Bingo!

A delightful twist on the classic bingo game, Super Bola Bingo includes some fun features to make the game even more exciting.

Play up to four cards, each featuring 24 numbers and also containing a “free space” in the middle. Numbers will randomly be allocated to the cards from a pool of 75 numbers. If you play all four cards, once the 75 numbers are allocated, then the allocations will start again, but no two identical numbers will appear on one card!

Once all your cards are played and you’re ready to go, 44 regular balls will be drawn, and any winning patterns will be highlighted on your cards.

After the initial release you also have the opportunity to buy some extra balls to help create more patterns, providing all your cards with one ball make a pattern equal or greater than a 15x credit pattern. You can also be randomly awarded a random free ball too!

The game has two bonus features, and the first is the Fortune Wheel Bonus. This is triggered when you achieve a perimeter pattern on your cards and you’ll get to spin the bonus wheel three times and keep all the prizes you win on the spins.

The second feature is Bonus World Super Bola. This is a collection bonus based on a game round basis. If you can complete the letter patterns to spell out SUPER BOLA (in order), then you’ll win an instant prize on 1,000 times your bet!!

Don’t hesitate, prizes awit in Super Bola Bingo!

Disclaimer. The following games: Flex Game, Hot Bingo, Super Bola and Park Bingo are not certified and we ask that games are offered to customers accordingly and to the extent that such offering does not breach regulatory or licensing requirements, if applicable. We encourage operators to assure themselves that they are able to add the games to the offering without impediment.

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