On a planet far, far away, the world’s top scientists are fighting against the clock to develop robots for the next ‘astrocalypse’. The biggest and most important project is constructing The Destroyer, but it’s not quite finished.

Instead, this state-of-the-art facility is packed with cute and colourful robots who don’t realise they’ve been cloned, so when they come face to face with themselves they get confused and explode… which creates an energy orb that activates the booster in the cluster bomb!

When everything on the reels has been eliminated, it opens up a portal to another dimension where The Destroyer has already been completed. But it needs the energy of 4 power orbs to activate it, sending you into a time loop of fun.

Expect volatile warp crystals, an endless supply of neurotic blow-bots, and wild energy Power Glyphs™. You’ll need them all to power up the warp portals that transport you to the elusive Free Spins dimension, the only place to fully power The Destroyer and clear the board with epic wins!

Warp Wreckers Power Glyph™ is a feature-rich slot with high volatility and super-fun gameplay. We’re also introducing the popular ‘Erase-3’ mechanic, a proven and popular feature which is new to Quickspin – and a match made in heaven with our awesome Power Glyph™ mechanic!

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